“When you come to a cross road at 36 years old it’s hard to believe you are in control when you can feel yourself spiraLling out of control.

Having the faith in yourself to take that leap is hard. I lost confidence in my ability to make good decisions. When I met Louise I instantly felt safe, having a friend to talk to and help guide me in the right direction.

Listening and understand what I was going through made me feel more normal and reassured me that I could get through anything. Learning to look after myself more and take time out to enjoy the things I love.

Louise has an amazing talent and I am grateful I had the pleasure of working things out with her. Knowing Louise had faced similar situations to me and to see how happy she is now in her role is inspirational to see.

I would 100% recommend Louise to any of my friends looking for answer or want better for themselves. Thank you so much Louise”

- Vikki, Recruitment

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“At the beginning of this year, the personal and professional goals I had wanted to achieve were immediately put on hold after a series of incredibly challenging life events.

Shortly after, I saw information about Louise’s coaching. The content she posted on social media really began to resonate with me, so I decided to book a consultation call. I then scheduled four regular sessions, which were absolutely life-changing.

I discovered the root cause of why I wasn’t making the progress I wanted to make toward my goals. She helped me create a plan for overcoming the obstacles, doubts, and fears that were keeping me from reaching my full potential. Every session was full of meaningful content, and I appreciated the emails she would send before and after sessions.

It has been a few months since my last session, and I am happy to report that I am starting to reach the professional goals I had set for this year. I am more productive, relaxed, confident, and kind to myself than ever before because of Louise. I would absolutely recommend sessions with her for anyone looking to move past personal and/or professional obstacles.”

- Valerie, Writer


“Having Louise coaching me helped me really focus on what I needed in the short term and I was able to reach my goals earlier than I had hoped. I was a little nervous as to what to expect but Louise made the experience really relaxed with the right amount of motivation. The sessions were well paced and allowed me the space to adapt and manage my goals in a way that best suited my needs. Thank you Louise!”

- Rajee, Photographer

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“I found it very useful being coached on Wellness as I really wanted to bring it back into my life but i've been too busy to think about it. With the helpful sessions from Louise, she guided me by asking the right questions to help me work out a time in the week I could fit in mediation and yoga - this helped me clear my mind and be a lot less stressed!”

- Safiyya, Producer

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“I was stuck in the rut of having too many ideas and not enough time to pursue them all, which meant I actually ended up pursuing none of them, spending my time feeling overwhelmed and unproductive. Louise helped me organise my thoughts and ideas, which gave me a path to navigate and I actually started to create rather than procrastinate. And what's more I began to enjoy my work again and remember why I wanted to do it in the first place.”

- Dana, Actress & Stand Up Comedian


“The tools Louise provided through our coaching sessions helped me find the strength to make some very important decisions. Whilst being compassionate, supportive and patient, Louise guided me to evaluate myself, my values and my limiting beliefs and set achievable goals. I am now reaping the rewards! Louise is fantastic and I can’t thank her enough.”

- Amanda, Hypnotherapist


My fear of chameleons meant that I couldn’t even bear to look at images of them without freaking out or having a nightmare that night. Unfortunately, I was having to work with colleagues using textbooks with a chameleon on the cover.....this was making my life at work a misery. After one Fast Phobia Cure session with Louise I can honestly say, my phobia is gone! I can look at images and videos of chameleons and not feel anxious or terrified like I used.

Job well done Louise!

- Shaz


“I have managed to achieve several of my goals while working with Louise. I was hesitant and disorganised with regards to my coaching practice and building my online presence.

Louise helped me to break my goals into small manageable steps and achieve them on weekly basis.

I have enjoyed our weekly sessions as Louise was very professional yet approachable. I felt safe talking to her and she dug deep into the negative mind chatter and other limiting beliefs i held.

She helped me to realise my preferred work style and uncover habits that held me back.

I have worked with few other coaches before, but i felt best connection to Louise. She is a wonderful, empathic coach.

I would highly recommend her to any of my friends”

- Reggie