Personal Values Group Workshop



*based on 6 people. Total Workshop fee £180


This workshop has been designed based on the succesful work I do around values with my one-to-one clients. It includes worksheets and guided sessions to take each person through a journey of why their life has influenced their values and how they need to change them. 

The heart of the group coaching experience is the shared learning experience it offers participants. You will go through the coaching program together from start to finish, which means each group member is present to witness the growth and development of everyone else in the group, and have their own growth and development witnessed by the other group members. Whilst each person will get equal benefit from the workshop, for those that prefer not to be the only focus this is a more enjoyable experience.

And of course, it also makes it more fun!


Workshop content

There are 5 steps to the workshop and it's designed to last 2 hours for up to 6 people. 

Values Step 1 – Life Experience Review

This first part is simply to think about your life experience and use this to drive out some initial value ideas by listing a few things you Love, Like, Tolerate and Hate in each life area.

This is about how you FEEL and what made a difference to your EXPERIENCE of life.

Values Step 2 – Brainstorming

After reviewing your life experiences, we will carry out a fuller brainstorm of possible values. This brainstorm exercise is for you to learn about the REAL you so we will allow about 30 minutes. 

Values Step 3 – Review and Condense

In this part we will review and condense the values, ideas and words you've come up with so far – to about 10 key factors or values that you will work with going forwards.

Values Step 4 – Prioritisation

This part will take a bit of thought. And it's totally worth it, because this is where you get to see what's REALLY important to you. You may well be surprised by your final value priorities - and if so that's great, because you'll have a new more meaningful way of looking at your life.

Values Step 5 – Review and Wrap-Up

Here we will review what you have learned and how you will implement positive changes to improve your life going forward!

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are
— Roy Disney

Please get in touch if you are a group or individual. I can cater for all group sizes and also organise groups for individuals in London or the South East. 

Whatever your situation, I will find a solution! Get in touch today and let's get started.